SUEDI (Slow Wave edit): Two Versions

Single channel HD video, 08’ 53” 

SUEDI (Slow Wave edit): Two Versions is a pair of music videos commissioned in response to Erik Lundin’s Suedi, a popular Swedish rap song that has become an anthem for Afro-Swedish youth who choose to assert their Swedishness despite the colour of their skin. 

Both videos show bodies in motion, either elevated or in close-up. In one video, two Swedish wrestlers are filmed sparring within a subtle choreography, first jokingly but then with more and more anger. In the second video, raw drone footage that has been used by news outlets to depict the movement of migrants and asylum seekers across southern Europe is re-edited to highlight the biblical scale and historical precedence of  this displacement. 

Exhibited as part of Folkmusik 2.0 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm. 

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