Two-channel HD video with sound, 4 hr 12’ 00”
Archival inkjet print on cotton

“Mostyn’s work Citizen documents a recent action in which the artist rowed a small boat across the Aegean Sea, from Dilek Peninsula in Turkey to Samos in Greece. Presented as a double-projection, the work follows the journey in real time. One side documents the artist departing Turkey and rowing away in the direction of Greece, and the other shows Mostyn approaching and arriving on  the Greek coastline. Most of what we see is the serenity of the artist in his boat surrounded by the sea, in a vast space of openness and surrender. It is also significant that the artist undertook this action without the necessary permissions, aware that Europe has a policy to protect its borders against mass migration. In undertaking this journey, mirroring that taken by asylum seekers in recent years, Mostyn acknowledges that the history of the Mediterranean has been significant in understanding both the origins and development of modern societies, and the European self-image.”  – Nav Haq

Installation views: Hendrik Zeitler.

Produced with support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.